The company estabilished in 1992 by a dedicated young team. In year of 2011 management totally delivered to Taskoparan family, who based in Istanbul old city since 1880s.

After 2011, the company did several reconstructions and got a very fast progress and undersigned too many new innovations in marketing by developing new products and management areas.

Bosmar Trans provides several productive contrubutions to our country’s freight forwarding industry during the last quarter century. Developed so many new useful tools and educated so many logisticians.

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Who We Are

We are the people who believe in honesty from the beginning till the end.

We are the people who believe in focusing on customers’ benefits will bring the success.

We belive that our staff deserves the best conditions and full satisfaction but they always put clients into first priority without hesistation.

We do believe that win to win practice always brings prosperity to each sides for any deals.

We just focus on boutique services as we belive that is the only way to reach the excellence.